Product : Scolecite Natural Tumblestone (10)
Scolecite Natural Tumblestone (10) 


23 x 21 x 16 (mm)


Product Description

This is a lovely natural Scolecite tumblestone, it weighs 11.0 grams and measured at the widest points is approximately 23 mm x 21 mm x 16 mm and comes from India. 

Due to the nature of this mineral it has to be hand polished and there maybe areas where it is unpolished and/or natural staining so please check pictures properly before purchasing. 

Scolecite is a hydrated calcium aluminium silicate mineral, found in basalt cavities.  It is a member of the Zeolites group and is closely related to Natrolite and Mesolite.

 This crystal is said to stimulate the third eye and crown chakras and emanates an energy of serenity submission.  Scolecite facilitates altered states of awareness, particularly astral travel, and offers protection during vision quest or journeying.  Scolecite can help unlock the messages hidden within our dreams, and has been known to open portals to alternate levels of inter-dimensional reality.  This is a crystal of peace, love and balance, and has a lovely calm and steady energy.

The  tumblestone in the picture's is the one you will receive.

Thankyou for looking.