Unique Sculptured Copper Freeform (12)


Origin : USASize : 33 x 18 x 12 (mm)

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This listing is for this beautiful Sculptured Copper freeform pieces which comes from Michigan, Keweenaw Peninsula, USA. It weighs approximately 11.6 grams and measurements at the widest points are approximately 33 mm x 18 mm x 12 mm.

The pictures show different sides of the freeform nugget and it is a natural piece so please check the pictures (Please note these are close ups and NOT the actual size), weight and measurements properly before purchasing.

UK postage for this crystal is FREE.

Sculptured Copper – native copper is used to form these interesting sculptures. Molten copper at 2200 degrees F is poured into water soaked straw. The straw forms the shape, then burns away, and the copper forms solidify in the cool water.

Sculptured Copper In Crystal Healing

Copper helps to open and activate the first chakra-bringing one much desire, sexuality and vitality. These energies can be directed to enhance personal growth, allows recognition of barriers in your path. Copper has long been known as a metal of good luck; use to bring positive energy to your aura. Some believe that Copper may help with weight loss.

This metal promotes channeling, cleansing, luck and prosperity, purification, self-esteem, communication and energy. It facilitates the flow of energy. It can assist in combating fatigue and lethargy, restlessness and non-acceptance of ones self. It provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and also can align the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and to transmit thought. It is said to be a “bestower of good”, bringing benefit to the user.


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