Stunning Flower (Cherry Blossom / Sakura) Agate (95.4 grams / 57 mm) (18)



Size: 57 x 44 x 29 (mm)

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This listing is for a gorgeous patterned Flower Agate also known as Cherry Blossom or Sakura Agate large pebble or palmstone which comes from Madagascar and weighs approximately 95.4 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 57 mm x 44 mm x 29 mm.

Flower Agate is part of the Agate family which has opaque Chalcedony inclusions that resemble small flower patterns. This is a recent find from Madagascar. It is usually found in a light pink to beige or brown colour’s with white or creamy flower pattern inclusions.

The listing shows different sides of the pebble and there maybe some natural matrix etc tumbled in with the Agate so please check the pictures, weight and measurements properly (Please note the pictures are close ups and NOT the actual size) before purchasing.

UK postage for this pebble is FREE.

Agate is grounding stone, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They aid in centring and stabilizing physical energy. A soothing and calming stone. Agate works slowly but brings great strength. They enhance mental function as they improve concentration, perception, and analytical abilities, leading to practical solutions. Agates love of truthfulness encourages speaking in one’s own truth. This crystal overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart. It heals inner anger, fostering love and the courage to start again.

Flower Agate helps one bridge the gap between emotions’ and reality by activating and connecting our heart and root chakra’s together. This stone encourages self-growth, and like a seed that grows into a plant that bears flowers that mature into fruits, this agate sends positive energies to help us bloom to our full potential. It erases all traces of fear and self-doubt which often keep us from reaching our maximum, and like a shield, it guards us from ourselves and holds us back this gives us the required spurt we need to grow. Such stones are known to help envision one’s journey of growth which is something not everybody is capable of. The flower patterns help keep us to constantly remember our roots and our destination. Remembering where one comes from keeps us grounded whereas having the destination at the top of our mind gives us the purpose to move in the right direction.

The pebble in the picture’s is the one you will receive.

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