Sparkly Larvikite Palmstone / Flat Stone (A9) ‘Magical’


Origin: Norway

Size: 42 x 33 x 8 (mm)

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This listing is for a beautiful and unusual Larvikite SMALL flat stone or palmstone which weighs approximately 23.1 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 42 mm x 33 mm x 8 mm. This palmstone comes from Norway and may also be known as Black Velvet Labradorite.

The listing shows different sides of the flat stone/palmstone and it is a natural product which has been shaped and may contain natural matrix/pitting etc so please check the pictures properly.

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Larvikite In Crystal Healing

Larvikite is a grayish feldspar with vivid silver-blue highlights. Larvikite carries a mysterious, magical energy which stimulates inner visions and enhances psychic abilities. It is said to allow one to see the past, including past lives, and to travel psychically through the dimensions. Its strong connection with Earth energies is a boon to those wishing to do Elemental magic, and to connect with Nature spirits. It is said to enhance youthfulness & vitality.


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