Rare Mount Shasta Opal Natural Crystal (J3)


Origin: USASize: 108 x 48 x 31 (mm)

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This listing is for a rare and natural piece of sacred Mount Shasta Opal which weighs approximately 135.3 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 108 mm x 48 mm x 31 mm and comes from California, USA.

The listing shows different sides of the natural piece (Please note the pictures are close ups and not the actual size) so please check the pictures, weight and measurements properly before purchasing.

UK postage for this crystal is FREE.

Mount Shasta Opal is an opaque white to off white common Opal, often with dark blue/black dendritic inclusions, found in the area close to Mount Shasta which is part of the cascade range in Siskiyou, California, USA that form part of the ‘Ring of Fire’ chain of volcanoes. Mount Shasta has a long history of being a ‘sacred’ mountain and is said to be one of the ‘power centres’ of our planet. The whole surrounding area has a ‘special’ energy with which this otherwise common stone is imbued. The frequency of Mount Shasta Opal connects to the crown and base chakras helping one to integrate higher energies into one’s physical vehicle. This helps one to become more emotionally balanced as one is able to have greater understanding of one’s life’s experiences and look upon them as being part of one’s growth. When used in meditation Mount Shasta Opal helps to clear one of negative thoughts allowing one to be open to higher impressions.

Opal is a delicate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions.



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