Rare Atlas Mountain Blue Obsidian Natural (10)

Origin : Morocco

Size : 26 x 21 x 19 (mm)


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Product Description

This listing is for this lovely and rare natural Blue Obsidian nodule which comes from the Atlas Mountains, Morocco (It is NOT a man-made form from China). This lovely piece looks quite grey in the pictures but in life it is a very delicate very pale blue colour or hue which isn’t captured properly in the pictures.

It is a natural silica rich volcanic rock which has been called Atlas Mountain Tear. It weighs 13.7 grams and measurements at the widest points are approximately 26 mm x 21 mm x 1 mm. The white on this piece is a natural matrix from where it is found.

The pictures show different sides (Please note the pictures are close ups and NOT the size) of the specimen. Please check the pictures properly as it is a natural piece and may contain natural matrix/staining etc if you have any questions please email me through the ebay messaging system.

UK postage for this natural specimen is FREE.

Obsidian is excellent at bringing any emotional imbalance to the surface so that other stones and crystals may help to clear it away. It helps us to find the hidden factors surrounding a situation so that we may take the best course of action to address that situation. It helps us to retain our balance in times of change. Obsidian is also very good for helping us to let go of the past and breaking past habits that are no longer useful. It inspires creativity and promotes sincerity.

Blue obsidian cannot be used for evil. This is the protection stone for sensitive or psychic people. It provides a wonderful screen against negative energy and is good for balancing the digestive system. It is also effective for use on the throat chakra and aids communication. Opening and cleansing them allowing one to open to higher guidance and increased wisdom enabling one to communicate the knowledge gained with clarity and understanding.

You will receive the natural specimen in the picture’s.

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