Opalite Palmstone (A17)


Size: 35 x 34 x 9 (mm)

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This is a Opalite palmstone/worry stone/smooth stone, which weighs 19.4 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 35 mm x 34 mm x 9 mm.

The listing shows both sides of the palmstone/worry stone/smooth stone so please check the pictures properly before purchasing.

Opalite is a delicate clear or milky iridescent stone, it has a wondrous range of colour. This crystal reflects light subtly to display hints of green and blue, creams and occasional pink tones. This makes for a startling crystal which seems to glow from within. When placed on the crown chakra in meditation Opalite is said to enhance psychic abilities and induce visions. In healing Opalite is believed to stabilize mood swings nd purify the blood and kidneys. Opalite is said to be the stone of love, but only responds to fidelity. It is believed to soothe the nerves and alleviate depression to bring serenity.

The palmstone/worry stone/smooth stone in the picture is the one you will receive.

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