New Find Himalayan Green Calcite Tumbled Stone (19) ‘Balancing’

Origin : Himalayas

Size : 21 x 21 x 11 (mm)


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This listing is for a gorgeous natural Himalayan Green Calcite tumbled stone which weighs approximately 10.1 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 21 mm x 21 mm x 11 mm and comes from the Himalayas.

The listing shows different sides of the green calcite (Please note the pictures are close ups and not the actual size) so please check the pictures, weight and measurements properly before purchasing.

UK postage for this crystal is FREE.

This is a lovely coloured Green Calcite tumbled stone and is hard to obtain due to the conditions of where it is found, in most pieces you can see gorgeous banding making each piece unique.
Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy; it helps cleanse your room of negative energy from the environment and also heightens your own energy. Calcite has a positive effect, especially where someone has lost hope or motivation. It combats laziness, aiding in becoming more energetic on all levels. Calcite alleviates emotional stress and replaces it with serenity. It is a stabilising stone, enhancing trust in oneself and strengthening the ability to overcome setbacks.

Green Calcite is a mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs and restoring balance to the mind. It helps in letting go of what is familiar and comforting but which no longer serves and aids communication and the transition from stagnant to a positive situation. This stone helps stimulate the immune system and absorbs negativity.

The green calcite tumbled stone in the picture’s is the one you will receive.

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