Lovely Rhodonite With Epidote Natural Crystal (11)


Origin: PERU

Size: 39 x 30 x 29 (mm)

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This listing is for an unusual and gorgeous natural combination specimen which includes Rhodonite and Epidote and comes from Peru and weighs approximately 42.3 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 39 mm x 30 mm x 29 mm.

The pictures are WET in the first set of 6 pictures and DRY in the second set of pictures.

The listing shows different sides of the natural piece and there maybe some natural staining, matrix, etc included in with the specimen so please check the pictures properly (Please note the pictures are close ups and NOT the actual size) before purchasing.

UK postage for this natural piece is FREE.

This is a beautiful combination stone which clear shows the natural epidote crystals deeply attached to the Peruvian rhodonite.

Epidote can enhance personal perception and power. It is said to increase spiritual attunement and to remove ingrained resistance to spiritual awakening. Epidote purifies the emotional body and absorbs negativity. It is a powerful detoxifying stone. It strengthens your sense of identity and can aid convalescence as it supports the body’s healing process and helps you to look after yourself better. A stone which offers you courage to enjoy life to the full and the ability to manifest your dreams.

Rhodonite is an emotional healer that nurtures love and encourages brotherhood. It has the ability to show both sides of an issue. Rhodonite heals emotional shock and panic and stimulates, clears and activates the heart and heart chakra. Rhodonite clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and helps remove painful emotions such as festering resentment and anger. Rhodonite also balances and integrates physical and mental energies; it builds up confidence and alleviates confusion.

Both these crystals work on the Heart Chakra and make it a wonderful healing tool!

The natural piece in the picture’s is the one you will receive.

Thankyou for looking.


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