Cryolite Tumbled Stone (A10)


Origin : Greenland
Size : 17 x 11 x 9 (mm)

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This listing is for this lovely EXTRA SMALL Cryolite tumbled stone which comes from Greenland. It weighs approximately 2.4 grams and measurements at the widest points are approximately 17 mm x 11 mm x 9 mm.

The pictures show different sides of the tumbled stone and it is a natural piece which has been tumbled and polished. Please check the pictures (Please note these are close ups and NOT the actual size), weight and measurements properly before purchasing.

UK postage for this crystal is FREE.

Cryolite In Crystal Healing

Cryolite is an uncommon mineral identified with the once large deposit at Ivigtut on the west coast of Greenland, depleted by 1987. It was used in Greenland as a flux for aluminum smelting. This stone has a low refractive index, so a piece if clear enough when immersed in water makes it almost seem to disappear.

Cryolite is a high vibration crystal that sends a strong energy throughout the chakra system creating a strong and steady flow of energy which awakens, aligns and balances them. It is also a loving and angelic crystal and is a useful tool for connecting with the angelic realms and promoting love.



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