Chinese Writing Stone (Prophyrite) Tumblestone (11) ‘Strength’


Origin: CHINA

Size: 24 x 16 x 15 (mm)

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This listing is for this lovely SMALL Chinese Writing Stone also known as Porphyrite tumblestone which comes from China. This tumbled stone weighs approximately 11.2 grams and measurements at the widest points are approximately 24 mm x 16 mm x 15 mm.

The pictures show different sides (Please note the pictures are close ups and NOT the size) of the tumblestone. It is a natural mineral which has been tumbled and polished and may contain natural matrix and pitting so please check the pictures properly before purchasing.

You will receive the tumblestone in the picture’s and UK postage for this tumblestone is FREE.

Chinese Writing Stone In Crystal Healing

Chinese Writing Stone is the name given to a dark grey-green/black form of Basalt Porphyry or Porphyrite (an igneous rock) which has small lines of off white/white inclusions, often plagioclase feldspar, which when grouped together resemble a type of Chinese script. It can also be called Chinese Writing Rock, Chinese Letter Stone and Porphyrite.

Chinese Writing Stone connects to the base chakra, bringing a sense of stability to areas of one’s life so that one has the emotional strength to overcome difficulties and to understand the lessons they can bring, helping one to have a more positive outlook and to take responsibility for one’s actions.

This unusual looking combination can help with accessing information held within the Akashic records. It helps one to have a clarity to interpret the meanings for one’s life experiences so that one is able to adapt and make any changes required, to make plans and to take the appropriate actions.


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