Calming Infinite Stone Tumbled Stone (B19) South Africa

Origin : South Africa

Size : 20 x 14 x 9 (mm)


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Product Description

This listing is for an unusual small/extra small tumbled stone which is called Infinite stone it is a variety of Serpentine mixed with Chrysotile, it is found in grey/green/yellow colours and comes from South Africa. It weighs approximately 4.5 grams and measurements taken at the widest points are approximately 20 mm x 14 mm x 9 mm.

The listing shows different sides of the tumblestone (Please note the pictures are close ups and NOT the actual size) which may have natural matrix, pitting etc so please check the pictures, weight and measurements properly before purchasing.

UK postage for this tumblestone is FREE.

Infinite stone which is sometimes called the ‘Healers Stone’ connects to the base, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. Helping to cleanse one’s energy fields of negative energy or blockages thus allowing energy to flow freely and increasing one’s vibrations. This cleansing effect can help to clear emotional patterns and may help in times of grief or emotional turmoil.

Infinite stone is a stone for nature and can help established connections to the energies of nature, Mother Earth and the devic realms.

Infinite stone is sometimes called “the healers stone” as it is a soothing and calming stone that can be useful for healers, athletes, chronic pain sufferers and others who have a need for healing energies.

The tumbled stone in the picture’s is the one you will receive.

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